Fact finding comes first

Knowledge is power. Data and facts create the necessary security for planning your company’s development. They are the basis for precise marketing and management decisions. SAMS Research always delivers well-founded data and facts with an eye on results and brings the required information efficiently to the point. SAMS Research handles anything from market and technology trend analyzes to candidate or partner search. Depending on the categorization, SAMS Research also includes outbound telephone marketing for successful cold acquisition.


Meltwater Analytics

What’s our approach?

Any business that wants to grow needs a clear plan and a clear strategy. For either to be dependable, the underlying assumptions must be reliable. Intuition and gut feelings should therefore be replaced by hard data and facts. And that’s what SAMS Research finds for you.

We have close connections to many decision-makers in our industries – above all, journalists and influencers. We identify the right contact persons for your specific questions and conduct interviews with experts. Our expertise sets us apart from traditional market research providers who rely on standardized surveys that are strictly scripted. We, on the other hand, are in a position to hold an open conversation – even with your target customers – without giving the impression that a standard questionnaire is being followed.
As a rule, there are numerous trend analyzes and market studies for every growth market. We research the most important studies in your target industries and applications, and then use the data to steer the specific public relations and brand communication tasks we execute on your behalf. It is not always necessary to buy the studies. What is most important is to find them in order to acquire important industry knowledge quickly and efficiently.
SAMS Research also includes the search and documentation of the results of our public relations activities in traditional print, online and social media. We search globally, utilizing the world’s leading tools. Our reports provide you with data of any desired depth – down to individual projects and, if required, including all identifiable competitor projects. So you always have access to reliable data to optimize your brand communication.