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Since 2000, we have had a large number of satisfied customers. Here’s a selection of our list of references:

Supply chain management, disposition management, virtual cooperation, project management software | Public and media relations, in-house magazine, website concept
Embedded computer technology | Public relations, technical articles
Processor manufacturer, embedded computing | Marketing for AMD embedded division in EMEA, public relations, trade media relations in EMEA, co-marketing management, partner marketing
Stainless steel conveyor technology for the food, agriculture and industrial sector | Full-service support including marketing, public and media relations, website programming, direct mailings and other marketing services
Distributor | Public relations, technical articles, translations and localization
One-on-one coaching
Embedded computing | Public relations, trade media relations in Europe, India, Australia and Korea plus content creation for the US market
Embedded computer technology | Technical articles
Flat panel controller, RFID reader | Marketing and public relations, trade media relations, advertising campaigns, social media content, lead generation, etc.
Congress center | Market research for expansion into trade fair location
Software license management system | Public relations, trade media relations, corporate publishing, social media campaigns, call for papers
Materials handling | Public and media relations
Embedded computing | Public relations, media relations in Germany and Europe, image and advertising copy, support of various PR activities in EMEA
Drum motors | Public relations, marketing, company brochure
Industrial PCs for food, automotive and other industries | Public relations, technical articles
Manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic systems and components for man-machine communications | Public and trade media relations
Industrial modules for M2M communication | Public and media relations, call for papers
Software that makes things smart | Public and trade media relations
Real-time hypervisor technology | Public relations, website content
Drum motors | Public relations, media relations in Germany and parts of Europe, advertising campaigns
Modular plastic conveyor belts | Public relations, trade media relations in Germany
IoT service provider building a proprietary LPWAN network in the license-free band to enable the connection of devices that could previously not be connected | Public relations, media relations in Germany
The leading European provider of real-time operating systems for critical embedded applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) | Public Relations
Personnel management/external personal assistance
Original design & manufacturing service (ODMS) provider | Public Relations
Public relations projects
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